Vinyasa All Level


Our All Levels Vinyasa is intended to meet you wherever you are at in your practice. This class offers a dynamic Vinyasa flow that will provide challenges for those with experience as well as accessible options for those newer to the practice.  Participation in Beginner Yoga Series is recommended prior to taking All Levels. Expect to sweat a little, smile a lot and flow. Room will typically run between 80 to 85 degrees.



Vinyasa 1


This is a moderately paced class and students continue to build awareness, strength, skill, and focus. It is helpful to have completed a series of Yoga Foundation classes or Ashtanga 101, but this is not required to attend the class. Students of all levels will find this class accessible. Modifications are given to make the practice accessible to all students.


Vinyasa 2

Students should have a basic awareness of yoga postures and their own bodies and limitations and be willing to modify accordingly. Various hand balances, arm balances and postures that require more strength are explored. Postures often are held for longer periods of time to increase strength and concentration.

Vinyasa 3

In this class all types of postures are explored in greater depth – there is an attitude of anything goes. Postures are explored from various vantage points – holding for longer periods of time, from the requirement of greater flexibility and strength, and from the standpoint of developing more poise and ease in the face of greater difficulty, the heart of yoga practice. Must have previous yoga experience.




B^3: Build*Balance*Bend


If you like Barre classes and are looking for a chance to build some muscle tone, enhance your balancing skills, and increase flexibility, this class is perfect for you. We will do a variety of exercises to help create a leaner, stronger you while providing an awareness of utilizing your core as your stabilizing base for all movements.

What do I need to know for Practice?
Beginner Yoga Series


The focus of our Beginner Yoga Series is to encourage centering and receptiveness that lays the groundwork for openness both physically and mentally. Beginner Yoga provides a safe,supportive environment to explore the basics of practicing yoga while building strength and skill. You will learn the basics of sun salutations, foundation yoga postures and shapes, and the importance of connecting with the breath. Although this class is geared towards beginners whith little or no prior yoga experience, those with some experience can benefit from revisiting essential alignment, flow, and breath-work principles. This class is not affiliated with any one style of yoga (Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, etc.); it provides students with the building blocks to comfortably access any of these styles of practice. 

What to Wear: Women often wear athletic tops with yoga capris or shorts.  Men usually wear just shorts, or shorts and an athletic top.

What to Eat or Drink before Class: Come to class well-hydrated, with your last meal at least two hours before class.
What to Bring to Class: A yoga mat, a yoga towel or large bath towel to place over your yoga mat, and water. We have all of this available for rental or purchase. Also, bring an open mind!
When to Arrive: Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your new student orientation. 
Studio Facility: We have restrooms, separate women’s and men’s changing room areas with showers, hair dryers, and cubbies for your belongings. We do not have lockers. There is plenty of parking in our large parking lot.
The Class Itself: Classes are 60 minutes. Our certified instructor directs you through each of the postures for the duration of the class.  If you ever need a break, just sit down on your mat, connect with your breath, and rest until you’re ready for more.
Sweat: Sweat is the body’s natural cooling system, so let the sweat pour.  Sweat is also the body’s way of detoxifying.  With every drop of sweat you are detoxifying and purifying.
After Class: Hydrate after class, and savor your renewed energy, clarity and peace of mind.