Our Offerings

Pain Management

Did you know the ability to sense acute (short-term) pain is the most important of our senses that keeps us alive? 


Most people would answer 'no' to that question! 


Without this signaling ability we would not know when to tend to certain insults that eventually threaten our livelihood.  Chronic pain, however, serves no physiological or biological purpose, and its presence can literally wreak havoc on a person's life.  Inadequate attention to pain and its causes can lead a person from a normal 'acute pain response' toward abnormal 'chronic pain resonses' which can wreak havoc on one's emotional and physical self.  Proper pain management is as important (and just as complex) of a 'disease' as cancer, hypertension and/or depression.


BMSBC and Evolutionary Health can help chronic pain sufferers with a rigorous evaluation of their condition, as well as provide therapeutic and non-therapeutic interventions to help regain control of most chronic pain states. 

Health & Positivity Coaching

There’s a scientific way to study happiness - it’s called Positive Psychology.  In contrast with traditional psychology that focuses on pathology - alleviating neurosis, anxiety, and depression - Positive Psychology focuses on individual and societal flourishing - on cultivating happiness, strengths, self-esteem, and optimism.​ 

Who can benefit?


  • Individuals looking to improve their emotional and physical states through contentment with the past, happiness in the present, and hope for the future.  

  • Individuals looking to enhance their character stengths and virtues, such as the capacity for love and work, courage, compassion, resilience, creativity, curiosity, integrity, self-knowledge, moderation, self-control, and wisdom.  

  • Businesses who are looking to improve employee morale and productivity while decreasing absenteeism and increasing the bottom line through a healthier, happier, more creative workforce.

Private Yoga, Yogilates, and Sport-Specific Training Sessions

A private session is the perfect way to have your practice personalized to your needs.

With the individualized attention, we can focus on:

  • Deepening your understanding of the practice itself

  • ​Healing from an injury

  • Overcoming health issues

  • Working on your practice in a private space with one-on-one attention

  • Taking a few sessions as an introduction to yoga

  • ​Tailoring your practice to your specific sport

  • Focusing on meditation

  • Enhancing your athletic performance

  • Personalized workouts for your specific needs (boot camp, running, triathlons, cycling, fitness competitions

Prices vary -- Please contactl us for availability and pricing details.

A private session is also great for groups and celebrations:
Sports teams
Girls' Night Out

Corporate Team building
Children and Teen Yoga parties
And more!

Group rates are based on size of group.

For more information or to book a session with Jenn or Gary, call 484-770-8599 or send an email to info@bmsbcenter.com.